Since China's reform and opening-up 40 years ago, the economy and society haveundergone tremendous changes. All trades and professions have established theirindustrialized layout in the tide of reform. Guided by the reform andopening-up policy, China's automobile industry has flourished and always stoodat the forefront of technological development. It has helped China grow from asmall auto country to a big one and step towards a great auto power in theworld.

Currently,the Chinese automobile industry is ushering in a new wave of technologicalinnovation that supports the trends in the production of electric, networked,intelligent and lightweight vehicles. Consequently, new technologies constantlyempower traditional industries, new travel concepts emerge endlessly, and newbusiness forms continue to evolve.With the development and commercial application of the fifth-generation mobilecommunication technology, the cross-cutting integration of industrial sectorsand information sectors will produce more dazzling chemical reactions, and theChinese automobile industry driven by new energy and intelligent network willbring huge imagination space for the global automobile industry. China'sautomobile industry is changing from a follower to a leader, and China isevolving from the world's largest auto sales market to the world's largestcenter for automotive technology innovation and application. Brand-newtechnological changes will inject new vitality into China's automobileindustry, high-quality market opening will herald a new era of transformationand upgrading of China's automobile industry, and win-win cooperation willremain the focus of global automobile enterprises which seek development inChina.

         As one of the three most influentialinternational auto shows in China, Auto Guangzhou has always aimed to build ahigh-quality, international and comprehensive exhibition experience platformfor the automobile industry since its establishment in 2003. Together withindustry elites, Auto Guangzhou will forge ahead and witness the growth of theChinese automobile industry. The 17th Guangzhou International AutomobileExhibition will be held from November 22 to December 1, 2019 at the ChinaImport and Export Complex. Adhering to the theme of "New Technology NewLife", we will invite global automobile enterprises, showcase frontier automotivetechnologies, create a better auto life, and build a new brilliance for theChinese automobile industry.


  • Exhibition date:November 22 to December 1, 2019
  • Place:China Import and Export Fair Complex